10 Creative Ways to Display House Numbers, Straight from the Experts

House numbers are a unique way of identifying your house from your neighbors. So why not display house numbers in a way that sets them apart from the rest? Whether it’s by doing a simple retouch with spray paint or going all out by creating a custom wood-burned sign, there are many ways you can display house numbers so that they’re the statement piece of your home.

If you’re having trouble figuring out where to begin, we reached out to experts across North America, from Los Angeles, CA to Toronto, ON, to give us their best tips on creative ways to display house numbers. Keep reading to see what they have to say.

1) Start with what you have

Updating your house number is a quick and easy way to add visual interest to your home’s exterior. Try picking a more modern font or even spray painting the ones you have. – Reveal my DIY

2) Stencil house numbers onto a piece of wood

Use a wood burner and burn the letters to a dark brown or black color. Then, to display the house numbers, seal the wood and attach decorative furniture nails or tacks around the border of the board. – Pyrography Made Easy

3) Create a custom ceramic sign

Show a bit of your personality. Contact your local pottery studio to help you design a one-of-a-kind house number with the colors and style of your choice. “One of our favorite potters Molly Sanyour says, “Sign it like you are famous!” For new homeowners, we say, “Mark it like it yours!” – Good Dirt LA

4) Spruce up your front door with a farmhouse-style wood burned address sign

Use a wood-burning kit and wood canvas to create a custom piece that fits your style. Once you’re ready to display your house numbers, make sure to seal the wood for protection against the elements. – Pyrocrafters

5) Invest in something classy

For a classy look, I recommend that the house numbers be fired with real gold or platinum luster at about 1300F. While it’s an expensive overglazing technique,  it looks great and can last at least 25 years against the outside elements. For the background around the numbers, a simple abstract design will make the metallic lustered numbers stand out. Also, make sure the clay body is vitrified so that it’s difficult to chip or crack – Douglas Kenney

6) Color and contrast are everything

Regardless if you go with store-bought numbers or create your own from scratch, contrast is the name of the game. Black letters on a white background and vice-versa are classic combos when displaying your house numbers because they work well for making sure they’re visible from the street. – Nathan Best Woodworking

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7) Hang your numbers from a string

Metal house numbers can usually be found at your local hardware store but instead of screwing them into your house, try hanging them. Most house numbers have holes on the top, and you can attach them with string or wire to a hanging basket hook. Now you can see your house numbers clearly, and enjoy some windchime like music. – Katie Piro Pottery

8) Use cedarwood as a background to display house numbers

Grab a 1×2 cedar board, wood glue, a jigsaw, and a bar clamp to create a unique look for your house numbers. Cut the cedar boards into 12 inch long pieces, then glue them together side-by-side. Once dry, trace your numbers onto the wood and cut them out with a jigsaw for a rustic set of house numbers. – MJ Wood Co.

9) Create cast glass house numbers

Ladle cast clear glass into sand. Then sift colored powders onto the glass. After the glass has cooled down/annealed, add color, so the numbers stand out. The numbers can then be glued to the plywood and secured to the house. – Zachary Rudolph Blown Glass

10) Keep in mind your yard’s landscaping and the direction drivers will most likely be coming from

Contrasting colors are key to catching passersby’s attention, so think about the color and material finish of the house numbers you choose and whatever exterior material they will be placed against. – Creations and Designs by Kacey B

Originally published on by Ryan Castillo


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