usPyrocrafters are professionals in the art of pyrography or wood burned art!

Clay and I, Aney, are a husband wife duo that build wood pieces and create wood burned artwork. We are providing unique and exquisite pieces that are custom and handmade. We specialize in portraits, military plaques, animal portraits, and other pyrography pieces based in Prattville, AL.

Pyrography & Our Work

Pyrography, where pyro means heat is a form of art that is made on wood using high heat or fire, with blackened scorches used to create intricate designs. This form of art is incredibly durable, lasting, and uniquely distinct – it can be used as wall art, frames, decoration pieces, and gifts, especially considering the artwork on them is purely custom made.

At Pyrocrafters, Clay and I are extremely passionate about this form. When it comes to our work for our clients, we make sure they receive the best pyrography artwork that they’ll love! We use the best tools and resources to aid our work but primarily, the charm and look of our work is achieved by hand.

design-clockWe can create various designs, images, and pictures on wooden plaques ranging from intricately abstract designs to unique images and portraits. We can accommodate different sizes of wood pieces to suit your needs as well. All you have to do is make your custom made pyrography artwork request and we’ll get it done!

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