Chandler Tools Exclusive Stencil Packet from Pyrocrafters


Need More Wood Burning Projects?

Kick your crafting up a notch with incredible handmade wood burnings projects in the book, Drawing with Fire: A Beginners Guide.

With a variety of pieces like the darling Keepsake Box with Ink and the majestic Eagle Eye portrait, you can hone your pyrography skills as you create your own wonderful wood burnings. So grab your canvas and wood burning tool, because it’s time to play with fire. 

  • Templates Included!
  • 19 Projects for Beginners
  • Use the Chandler Tool for Every Project
  • Learn Pyrography at Your Own Pace
  • Add Your Creative Style with Alternative Ways to Finish the Projects

Want to Take a Pyrography Class?


Pyrocrafters Plus teaches you how to wood burn, pyrography techniques, design concepts, ways to generate creativity and technology to help your wood burning process. 

  • LIVE TRAINING! – Every month, I will go LIVE and teach new techniques for wood burning and operating a small business.
  • Burning Techniques – Learn how to wood burn and my latest pyrography techniques at your own pace.
  • Template Downloads – I will be loading new templates every month that you can download and keep. All members will have access to the template downloads.

Wood Burning Course

There’s an Intro to Wood Burning Course already loaded to teach you how to get started. And I will be loading new courses throughout the membership.

Private Facebook Group

As a member, Join the Exclusive Facebook Group to connect with other wood burners. Share tips and your work. Get advice and lift each other up.