DIY Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace Made out of Wood


Have you ever wanted to carry an essential oil scent with you throughout the day? You can create our own custom essential oil necklace with wood. You’ll learn how in this DIY Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace project. 

I’m going to use my wood burner tool and small pine discs to create the necklace. My favorite thing about this project is that I can add any design I want to my necklace. I’m not limited to the pre-made jewelry pieces from the craft store. I can burn any shape I want into the wood and create a custom necklace.

Let’s get started!! 


Materials Needed:

Step One.  

Transferring the art templates. Download the geometric template, print it and then use the carbon paper to transfer the pattern to the 1.5” wooden circle. Or you can create your own DIY Essential Oils Diffuser design by sketching it onto the wood with a pencil  


Step Two.

Burning the Necklace Piece For these necklace piece we will be burning a simple design that will help you get familiar with burning on small pieces. The design is simple in order to keep your focus on using your straight tip to burn in a small space.


This will help you get better at using the straight edge tip. The geometric shape is a great starter necklace shape. It’s simple and it’s all straight edge lines. You’ll get great practice with burning this type of wood at this size.

Follow the Pattern
Slowly Burn Straight Lines
Double Lines

Simply follow the pattern you transferred and burn all the straight lines. I like to go back and add a double line to each one. Doubling up your lines will help them be straighter and seem more substantial in size.

All done burning! If you want more necklace designs and  wood burning projects, check out Drawing with Fire: A Beginners Guide, today. It has three additional necklace patterns and 18 more wood burning projects with patterns.

Step Three.

Putting Together the Necklaces. Now we will add all of the jewelry pieces. Grab your pliers, jump rings, and necklace chain. First, use your pliers to open a jump ring, and slide them into the hole on the burned wooden piece you just made.


It’s easier if you hold the jump ring with your pliers and hold the wooden circle with your hand.  Next, place the chain so it can slide through the jump ring once you close it. Lastly, use your pliers to close the jump ring. 

Step Four: OILS! 

The most satisfying part! Let several drops fall onto the wood and get all soaked up. Make sure there’s enough oil for all the wood to be wet. Let it soak in enough that it doesn’t leak onto your clothes, about three minutes. 


All done! Your DIY Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace is complete.

Now you have an essential oil necklace. The wood soaks up the oils and releases the scent for several hours. You can enjoy your favorite essential oil scents throughout your day


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