DIY Vision Board | How to Make a Vision Board


If you have ideas about what you want to be, do and have, you need a vision board. DIY Vision Board Project resonate with me as a creative pyrography piece. It’s a space for you to place a visual reminder of your goals so that the vision you have for your life can stay in your daily thoughts and become a reality.  

Materials Needed:

Step One.

Transferring the Template. Download the Vision Board Template. The transfer method is going to be completed in pieces for this project. Because the canvas is so large, the border design and header have to be transferred in smaller templates in order to fit on an average sheet of paper.


There are two design templates for each side, one bottom design template and a header template. Cut out each template design. Try to line up the edges of the design with the wood edge as straight as possible. Tape the left side templates to secure it in place.  Do the same for the right side and the bottom.


Add the header template to the top, center it up and leave about one inch from the top of empty space, then add your tape to secure it in place.

Now that your templates are all in place, place your carbon paper underneath and start transferring the design.


Step Two:

Burning the Outlines. Once you’ve completed the transfer, pull your templates and carbon paper. And you’re ready to start burning your DIY Vision Board Project. Find a craft burner on Amazon.


Add a straight edge tip into your burner and turn it on. Once it’s hot and ready, outline all of the swirls on the inside line of the carbon transfer line, then slowly and carefully begin burning the outlines of the swirls and letters.


TIP: Leave the smaller letters until the end of Step Three. You’ll use a fine point tip for the smaller spots.

Basswood is a really soft wood, so the burner will cut right through and burn it like butter. The swirls are thin enough that burning the outlines will mostly fill them in with burn. You can go back and fill in any unburned spots inside the swirls in Step Three.

Continue burning the swirls and letters until they are complete.

Step Three.

Filling in your Artwork. After you’ve completed the border design, turn off your burner, let it cool and switch your tip to a rounded tip and turn your burner back on.


Place the burner tip on the inside of the burned outlines and slowly go through the large lettering and swirls until everything is filled in.

Small Letters. Use a fine point tip for the smaller letters. The fine tip will make it much easier to reach the tight spots. Turn off your burner, let it cool and switch your tip to a fine point tip and turn your burner back on.

Once the burner is hot, start filling in all of the small letters. Go through the rest of the lettering until they are completely burned.


All Done Burning!! You’re getting so close to completing your DIY Vision Board Project.

Step Four.

Varnishing and Adding the Cork Tiles. Before adding the cork, varnish the board front and back. Put on your gloves, pour a small amount of the varnish over the wood and into the sponge brush. Spread the varnish all over the wood, covering every inch front and back. This will seal and protect the wood from moisture. You’ll want to make sure and get this step before adding the cork.

Follow the direction on the varnish container for drying times. Once the wood is dry, apply a second coat of varnish and let it dry.

Once the varnish is completely dry, add your cork tiles. I couldn’t find tiles that would fit exactly perfect on the board, so I had to cut these. And instead of cutting one of the tiles and having one whole tile and one short tile, I decided to cut each tile and have them be the same length. That way both tiles are the same length and there’s some uniformity.

Start with measuring the space where the tiles will be glued. I want my tiles to cover up some of the burned designed so that it would give the illusion of a fully burned design behind the cork. 

The space measured at 15.5” long. The 12” width was perfect, so I only cut the length. Since the length is 15.5”, that means I needed two tiles that measured at 7.75”, so I cut each tile to that length.


Place the tiles on the wood before adding the glue to get an idea of where you want them to be placed permanently.

Add the glue all over the back of the cork tiles, place them on your board as close together as they will possibly go. Follow the directions of drying times for your glue.

All Done with the DIY Vision Board Project! Place push pins in the cork and pin all of your dreams.


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