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Imagine being able to make the perfect sign to put over your fireplace. Now you can perfect the techniques of wood burning and your own personal style and with this online wood burning class. This class bundle is specifically designed to take you from beginner and guide you to the next level.

I teach you the techniques of adding color, burning letters, shading portraits, choosing the right varnish, keeping your creativity levels high, choosing the right wood burning tips(nibs) and a course dedicated to learning graphic design so you can create beautiful pieces.

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Want to take your hobby to the next level? Join this Wood Burning Class!

You have conquered the basics of wood burning and you’re in love with the craft. You love being able to create your own personal pieces for your home and for your loved ones at a fraction of the cost. And you want a wood burning class that can teach you more.


If you are as obsessed with wood burning as I was after I learned the basics, you want to keep going. You want to add color, burn lettering pieces, understand all the varnish options, shade portraits of people, pets, landscapes and learn to layout beautifully designed artwork like a pro. And maybe you even want to start selling your work and need to know how to price it.


Whether you’re at a beginner or intermediate level, this full wood burning class bundle can help you hone your talent and the art of pyrography.


Here’s What You’ll Learn from this Online Wood Burning Class Bundle:


  • Lettering
    • Large Letters
    • Small Letters
    • Free Handing Letters
  • How to Use and Care for Your Tips (Nibs)
    • 10 Videos on Wood Burning Tips, how to use them and care for them
  • How to Shade in Pyrography
    • Shading Technique Practice
    • Cross Hatching, Stipples, Swirl Patterns, Hair
    • How to Break Down Images into Lights and Darks that makes shading simple
    • Applying Shading techniques with projects like animal portraits and faces
  • Creativity Challenges
    • Exercise your creative muscle so you learn to stay in a creative zone and burn stunning pieces
  • How to Add Color to Wood Burns
    • Acrylic, Water Color Pencils, Ink, Staining with Colors and more
  • How to Add Varnishes
    • UV Varnish, Danish Oil, Poly, Sprays, Butcher Block Conditioner, and more


  • Best Wood Options for Beginners
  • Basic Beginners Techniques
  • 19 Easy to Burn Projects with Templates
  • How to Create Your Own Templates
  • Basic Shading Techniques


  • 40 Extra Digital Templates You can Print Anytime
  • 6 Projects Pack – Digital Download
  • How to Remove Carbon Marks Course
  • How to Price Your Work
  • 5 Basic Graphic Design Concepts
  • Getting Started with Branding and Social Media Course
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group, Pyrocrafters Plus

This complete wood burning pack has all the tips you need to start today. It’s valued at $300, but you can get it for only $149.99. From wood prep, projects, templates, safety, lettering, shading, color, varnish and more.