Welcome to Adding Color in Pyrography!

Why is it important to add color to your wood burns? Adding color to your burns is going to add another level of creativity and beauty. Whether you are new or a pro – you are going to want to add color at some point.

Adding color is a great way to experiment with your wood burns, but it’s not always necessary. Color is a secondary element to your wood burning. The wood burning work is the star of the show and the color is an accent that helps set off the pyrography work.

I’m going to show you six ways to add color to your work, but keep in  mind this is a drop in the bucket compared to all the options for adding color. These six are the most common and accessible. 

  1. Color Stains
  2. Ink
  3. Acrylic
  4. Embossing
  5. Paper
  6. Water Color Pencils

Experiment with these six ways to add color and experiment with more options. The possibilities and creativity are endless. 

Here we go! 

1. Color Stains

2. Inks

3. Acrylics

4. Embossing

5. Paper

6. Watercolor Pencils

7. Summary


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