Welcome to the Tips Class!

Welcome to the Tips Class where I will cover different uses for tips and experiment with new ideas. I’m going to cover 10 different tips from four different brands of burners. The Colwood, TRUArt, Razertip and Burnmaster tips will all be featured in the videos.  

Tips are such an important investment. You need to make sure they last as long as they can. I’m going to show you how to anneal your tips, use them and clean them so you can get the most bang for your buck. All of the tips have similarities between brands with some small differences, so let’s start looking at all the options and what these tips can do.   

Colwood https://woodburning.com/ 

TRUArt https://truart.co/ 

Razertip https://www.razertip.com/ 

Burnmaster https://www.mastercarver.com/110v-burnmaster-eagle-pro-2-pens-15-tips-bag/

Downloads the pdf’s below to get started. 


Tips List

2. Annealing Your Tips

3. Straight Edge Tip – AKA Skew Tip

4. Shader Tip

5. Ball Tip

6. Writing Tip

7. Square Tip

8. Fine Point Tip

9. Calligraphy Tip

10. Detail Tip 1

11. Detail Tip 2

12. Detail Tip 3

13. Cleaning Tips

14. Do’s and Don’ts


Need Supplies for Burning? I put together an Amazon supply page incase anyone needs access to supplies they can’t find in their areas.

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