Welcome to the Lettering Class!

It’s time to wood burn letters. In these modules I’m going to:

  • Give a brief lesson in making your own templates in photoshop
  • Talk about best wood options for lettering
  • Small lettering and the best tips to use
  • Large lettering and the best tips to use
  • Free Handing! And the techniques I use to free hand
  • Other letter stencil options
  • And a summary of do’s and don’ts

Remember that lettering is just like any other wood burning project. It comes down to choosing the best wood, the best tips for the situation, how to make great templates and applying a few techniques specific to lettering. So let’s get right to it and start burning these letters. Hop on over to the next video and watch me create my template in photoshop.

2. Making Templates

3. Wood Options

4. Small Letters

5. Large Letters

6. Freehand Introduction

7. Freehand Lettering

8. Do’s and Don’ts


Need Supplies for Burning? I put together an Amazon supply page incase anyone needs access to supplies they can’t find in their areas.

Check it out!


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