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As Pyrocrafter’s creative trailblazer, Aney does more than smoke up the place. With more than 10 years working with creative mediums, she brings new life to all her inspired pieces.


Aney stoked her passion for visual expression by creating unique wood-burned art pieces, founding Pyrocrafters in 2016. At the heart of her artistry is an unwavering desire to ignite the creative spark in others. She’s 1-part entrepreneur, 2-parts skilled artist and all creative.


Aney’s love for art and creating has earned her numerous accolades over her career including the DiLaura Award and a featured exhibit in 2023’s “Alabama A to Z” biennial exhibition at Montgomery Museum of Fine Art.


Her dynamic presence in the art community has also garnered features on major outlets like Lettering Daily and Art Insider.


Her drive to share the pyrography art form has also culminated in two published books: 

"Step-by-Step Pyrography for Beginners"

“Drawing with Fire: A Beginners Guide to Woodburning"

Are you ready to be inspired?

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