Burnmaster Eagle Pro Review

Criteria for review:

  1. General Features
  2. Heat Retention
  3. Tip Selection
  4. Ease of Switching tips
  5. Quickness of heating and cooling
  6. Cost
  7. Stand Out Perks


Before we get started, I want to make sure this is clear. I’m not being paid to say any of these things. These are 100% my thoughts and opinions. The main thing our followers ask is “what equipment should I use?” For years, I stuck with one burner, so for the sake of giving my audience the best possible info, I need to branch out and test other options. I reached out to several wood burning manufacturers and asked if we could test there burner and review it. I was honest with them and told them that I would give an 100% honest review. I want my audience to have the best knowledge possible and I want them to know what to expect. Most of the manufacturers responded excitedly and gladly sent me a burner to test and review. TRUart is one of those, so let’s dive into the criteria. 

Review Criteria

First, I want to explain the criteria in which I’ll be reviewing this tool and others similar to it. I’m going to be doing a series of reviews and I want to keep the criteria similar so they are comparable. General Features (which won’t be judged, just explained) Heat Retention, Tip Selection, Ease of switching tips, quickness of heating and cooling, cost, and stand out perks that this tool has. 

The stand out perks category is a chance for me to explain a feature or two a tool has that the others don’t. It’s my experience that each one of these tools and companies offer something the others don’t and they need to be mentioned. All of these tools perform similarly and very well, so in most cases of deciding which one to purchase it comes down to personal preference and expectations and these stand out perks have a lot to do with those personal choices. 

Also, I’m only burning wood in this review. Yes, it does burn other things, but for our purposes we will only be reviewing how this burner operates on wood. I also tried different woods, poplar, basswood, pine and oak.

General Features

The Burnmaster Eagle Pro Burner comes with two wands, 15 tips, a screwdriver, two adapters for use with other brand’s wands, a case, and instruction manuals. 


The front of the burner has a heat dial, a switch to help toggle between the two pens, and the on/off switch. 

15 tips come with the kit. They come individually wrapped with the name label on each tip, which makes reordering really easy. 


Heat Retention

THE HOTTEST Burner I’ve ever used. My normal range for burning with this particular burner is a 2 – 5 on the heat dial. I will burn at a 2 – 3 for shading portraits and detailed images, and I’ll burn at a 4 – 5 for darker burners like silhouettes and lettering.


The other thing I want to point out is that the tips retain heat while on the wood. Most burner tips will lose heat once the tip touches the wood. This burner however retains heat very, very well once the tips touches the wood. Once you learn which heat setting you prefer to burn on, you’ll be able to stay there without having to adjust it too much. 

A seriously powerful machine!

Soooo HOT!

Tip Selection

This particular kit comes with 15 tips which are all made of thick heavy duty wire. And the bases of the tips are made of copper, which means they will conduct more heat.


I also like the range of tips in this kit. The selection is on point. There are ball tips, shading tips, straight edge tips, lettering tips calligraphy tips. 

They are also very durable. I feel like these tips will last a long time given that you don’t overly abuse them of course. 

Ease of Switching Tips

The little screws holding the tips in may be the only thing I’m not crazy about with this burner. You have to wait for it to cool, use your hands to hold the wand, unscrew the tips, insert a new tips, and then screw the tips back into the wand. 


That’s a lot of steps for switching tips. Now this particular burner has two wands, which makes it easier to transition. When you’re getting ready to burn, you can preload two tips you know you’ll be using then just toggle back and forth between the two using the switch on the front of the machine. 

However, compared to other burners I’ve tested, this one is the most cumbersome for tip switching.


Heating and Cooling

The tips heat and cool quickly. It’s heated to the dial selection within seconds and cools within a minute or so. The ability to heat and cool quickly makes changing tips much easier and your productivity more efficient. 


Again, it’s one of the hottest burners I’ve used so far and if you purchase this kit, you won’t be disappointed with what it has to offer in the heating department.



The Burnmaster Eagle Pro Wood Burner Kit is around $300 right now on Amazon. It’s one of the more higher priced kits on the market. However, you get a lot with this kit. You get 15 tips, which is the largest tip selection I’ve seen with a kit. 


If you compare another kit plus all the extra tips you have to buy to reach 15 total, it may come out the same or even a little cheaper. 
You also get a case with this kit, which is a nice addition if you need to move it around a lot. I’ve found that when I go to a craft show, a case comes in handy. 


Stand Out Perks

Using other brand’s wands. This is something that is unique to this burner. I was able to use a Razertip and a Colwood wand with this machine. The Razertip uses one of the included adapters, but the Colwood just slides right onto the wire. 

Burnmaster Wand, Razertip Wand, Colwood Wand (left to right)

The fact that you can use these other brand’s tips and wands with the Burnmaster Eagle Pro really opens up the doors to tip selection, but with the amazing power of this machine. The heat retention on this burner is so excellent and if you pair it with a Razertip or Colwood wand, there’s no stopping you. 

It’s truly a game changing feature. 

And using another brand of wands, negates the whole screw driver tip issue. Another bonus. 

Burning with the Razertip Wand
Burning with the Colwood Wand

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing Heat Retention
  • Use of other tips and wands
  • 130 Watts of Power
  • Two Wands
  • Large Tip Variety


  • Switching tips is a bit cumbersome compared to other kits

Overall this a great machine that is definitely worth the cost. If you add this kit to your wood burning collection, you won’t regret it. 


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