Materials I’m Using for this DIY Wood Burning Project



The first thing I’m going to do for this DIY Wood Burning Project is prep the rolling pin for burning. I’m using a fine grit sand paper to smooth out the wood and remove any marks or blemishes. And I’m not sanding really hard, this pin is in good shape. I just sanding it enough so that the wood is clean and ready for wood burning.


Transferring the template

Once the wood is ready, it’s time to transfer the template. This is a really simple trick that adds so many possibilities in wood burning. I created this template on my computer using fonts and a graphic from the web. 

I’m going to use my tape to attach the template, place the carbon paper underneath the template and then use my pencil to trace the pattern onto the wood. 


Burning the Wood

Straight Edge Tip. I turned on the Walnut Hollow Versa Tool turned on with the straight edge tip loaded. It takes 4 – 5 minutes to heat up, so once it’s ready I’ll start burning the outlines. I like to use the straight edge tip to burn all of the outlines. For the outer border, I’m going to place my burner tip on the wood and start filling in my template.

walnut hollow
shader edge tip

I’m also going to use my straight edge to outline my letters. These straight edges give a nice crisp outline without leaving a lot of bumps. I’m going to continue using this tip to outline the rest of my letters and straight edges. 

shader tip
straight edge tip

Shader Tip

The shader tip is really versatile in that it has a pointed tip and a flat side. It makes it easy to shade and add in fine details without changing a tip. I’m going to use the shader tip to fill in these smaller hard to reach areas, then use the same tip to fill in the letters. 

shader tip
shader tip
shader tip

Round Tip

This round tip is one of my favorite options on the crafter burner. It’s such user friendly tip and it makes these DIY Wood Burning Projects easier to add details. I’m going to fill in the rest of the lettering with this tip. The rounded dome of the tip makes it slide across the wood so smoothly making it so easy to fill in spaces, shade and outline.

rounded tip
rounded tip

Pointed Tip

I like to use the pointed tip to clean up my edges. When I’m wood burning, sometimes I make mistakes and get out of line. This pointed tip has such a fine point that it’s easy to clean up any spots where bumpy edges are. 
It’s also great for burning small fine details in tight spots. 

pointed tip
pointed tip

DIY Wood Burning Project Complete

For the finishing touch, I’m using the butcher block conditioner on this DIY Wood Burning project. It’s safer than your average varnishes and it protects the wood. I’ve got a clean cloth handy. I’m going to squeeze out a few dollops onto the rolling pin, then use my cloth to cover the entire pin. 


It’s All Done!
I added a hanger on the back, then added it to an empty space on my kitchen wall. 


Watch the Video!


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