• Best Wood Options
  • How to Transfer Templates
  • Wood Burning Basics
  • Easy to Burn Projects
  • How to Create Your Own Templates
  • Basic Shading Techniques

Project Sample - Deer Silhouette

This project was created specifically  to illustrate a new wood burning pattern: parquet. I love this pattern because it’s easy to create, adds another level of interest to a simple design and is so much fun to burn.

There’s not a lot of complexity to the pattern, but it’s very relaxing to burn these lines in a rhythm. The deer silhouette foes perfectly  with the parquet style. Plus, the rustic woodsy look of the deer design complements the live-edge wood canvas.


“Aney is a leader in the woodburning community. I am so excited for this book! It’s incredibly refreshing to find a resource that encompasses the entire process from safety to great project ideas. Enjoy!”

―Megan Colwell, the Travellin’ Wood Burner


Project Sample - Mountain Scene

As I share my shading techniques in these projects, keep in mind that there is no one “right” way to accomplish something. As you work your way through this book, you will develop your own sense of style and favor certain techniques.

If you develop a shading technique that differs from my examples and works better for you, by all means continue to explore that technique.

“As an experienced woodburner, I would not hesitate to pick up this book! Expect to become an expert in your craft after reading and experimenting with all these helpful tips and tricks!”

―Mallory Romportl, creator of My Art of Gold


  • Crafters: Those who love crafting will enjoy how easy it is to incorporate wood burning into your hobby.
  • DIYers: People who love to make their own decor and gifts will love making the signs, ornaments, and jewelry in this book.
  • ANYONE: Anyone looking for a new hobby will learn how easy it is to pick up wood burning and turn it into a passion.