Wood Burning Kits to Avoid

One on my most asked questions is, “What is the best wood burning kit to buy?” so I spend a lot time exploring and testing different wood burning kits. Here’s my opinion on these amazon wood burning kits that come with lots of extra pieces.

I have two in my shop. Let’s open them up and explore the value inside.

Keep in mind that these are my opinions. If you have one of these kits, it’s fine. We don’t all have to agree. If it’s working for you, then stick with it.

If you are in the market to purchase a kit, there are better options.

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What’s Inside?

There is something so attractive about the header, 110 Piece Wood Burning Kit. On the surface, it seems like there is a lot of value for such a small amount of money, usually in the $20 – $40 range, depending on the kit.

Inside these kits, there are usually anywhere from 20 – 40 tips (they vary depending on the size), stencils, coloring pencils, wood, and a few other small accessories.


My issue with these kits is that they are filled with items that aren’t necessary for wood burning and they are just meant to fulfill the promise of existing as a piece in the kit. And these listings on amazon are typically from large manufacturing companies that aren’t interested if you like the product or if it helps you wood burn. They just want to sell products because they are currently popular on amazon and are selling well.

The long silver tips are solder tips and they aren’t meant for wood burning. You can use them in pyrography, but it’s not ideal. They are more prone to breaking because they weren’t meant to have pressure put on them.


And yes, you can use a solder tool to wood burn, but it’s not ideal. It’s like needing a hammer, but you can’t find it, so you grab the next best thing and start hammering away. But if you’re going to buy a tool for hammering, then buy a hammer. Right?

Wood Burning Tips

The gold tips are interesting. I took out the ones I thought could be used for wood burning and I could only find 5 – 6 that would work. So out of all the tips in the kit that are promised, there are 5 – 6 tips (pieces) that I would actually use. The stamp tips may be useful, it depends on your style of burning. I’ve never used a stamp tip, but it may be fun.


Next, are the plastic stencils. I truly don’t understand these. You can use them for tracing, then burning, but they are so small, why not just get the stencils you need online. Again, these are really just in the kit to fulfill the pieces number. You don’t need them and most people I talk to, don’t use them. I could see the holiday stencils being used for Christmas Ornaments, but that’s it.

The burner wand itself it pretty cheaply made. The plastic, the heat dial, the metal wand where you screw in the tips are all flimsy. I’m just not a fan. Again, it will get you by in a pinch, but not a great product.


The Heat

These actually do get really hot! I was surprised by the performance. I’ve only had these a short while and I haven’t used them long, so I wonder how long they would last if I used it regularly. But I was impressed by how well it performed in burning.

Overall, it’s not the worst thing in the world to own one of these, but there are better kits out there in the same price range that will offer you more value even though they don’t have a gajillion pieces inside. Let’s take a look at those.


What to Buy Instead

If you’re reading this because you’re in the market for a wood burning kit, there are a few brands that offer great starter kits at an affordable price. And you can continue using these kits throughout your wood burning journey. Artists like, Minisa Robinson, burn exquisite hyper realistic pieces with a brass tip kit. Anything is possible with these kits.

Each of these brands are companies that manufacture wood burning kits with the end user in mind and they keep up with the pyrography community. They are also changing and enhancing their products for the people that use them. Let’s take a look.

Walnut Hollow Versa Tool

This kit has a heat dial and it comes with 11 solid brass tips and 1 solder tip. You can also purchase more tips and expand your tip kit.

Walnut Hollow Versa Tool
Walnut Hollow Versa Tool

TRUArt Stage One Dual Pens

The TRUArt brass tip kit comes with 35 solid brass tips and it as two wands! I love that it has two wands because you can load two tips for a project and it eliminates the waiting of heating/cooling in order to change out a tip. It also has one of the largest flat tips I’ve ever used. It’s perfect for filling in large spaces.

TRUAart Stage One Dual Pens
TRUArt Stage One Dual Pen

Chandler Tool

Another solid choice in the pyro kit options. It comes with 8 solid brass tips and a lifetime warranty. Not bad!




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